Q: How does FORWARD GIVING AFFECT my regular giving?

A: Forward is a generosity initiative that is over and beyond your regular giving. It is based on an additional annual generosity commitment, plus any stored assets you choose to give. These things total your 36-month commitment. During this three-year period, a portion of our regular budget will continue to go to our expansion plan, but forward is exclusively funding our new facility.

Q: When will we be in the new building?

A: Our goal is to break ground no later than the fall of 2018 and the building process will be 18-24 months. Several factors contribute to this time-line, the most important of which is that we are good stewards of the resources God entrusts to us as a church. We will not break ground until Providence Church is at a place financially to do so. This is why the forward initiative is so important.

Q: When is the best time for me to begin contributing?

A: As soon as possible. The more generous our church is on the front end of forward, the quicker we can see this become a reality.

Q: Who do I contact about donating stocks, investments, or property?

A: Simply email give@providence229.com to discuss the possibilities. Our finance team will guide you through the process.

Q: What happens if we continue to grow and we need a larger facility by the time we move in?

A: The current facility is designed in phases. It can easily get larger with each environment getting the necessary square footage. In addition, one of the benefits of the position we are in with our new property is that we have more than enough space to grow and expand. We will also be able to add additional services as necessary with continued growth.

Q: When we do outgrow the new facility, what will be the next step?

A: The current facility is designed in such a way that the auditorium will eventually become a larger kids facility for our older kids with small group rooms for them. At the necessary time, we will build a larger main auditorium to facilitate growth for adults.

Q: What about office and meeting spaces?

A: We currently have limited office space and our board, staff, and financial team have made the conscious choice to sacrifice offices until a later phase in order to provide the greatest ministry space possible. We have a plan for multi-use rooms for offices and meetings that will allow our needs to be fulfilled for the immediate future.

Q: What will happen if we miss our target of $1 million dollars over the next three years?

A: We expect to reach our goal, despite the challenge it represents! However, if we fall short, we will adjust expenditures and/or time-lines based on priorities determined by the elder board.