The WKND Winter Camp

The WKND is our annual Winter Camp that we take all of our students each winter. It is something that our students look forward to each and every year. The WKND is an incredible opportunity for students to seek God and really focus on what He has in store for them for the upcoming year, and ultimately for the rest of their lives. It never fails that when our students come back from camp, they are more alive and on fire for God than they ever have been before. Check out this video to see what he WKND is all about!

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Early Bird (Until Dec. 11th) = $185


  • If they have a sibling that is attending as well (more than one student per household) they qualify for the sibling discount
  • With this discount your price for camp will be $150 as opposed to $225
  • To receive this discount use the dicount code: SIBLING when signing up


When + Where?

When? February 14th – 17th

Where? Timberlake Retreat Center. 1721 GA-83, Forsyth, GA 31029


For all 6th – 12th Graders.

What To Expect

Main Session

During The WKND all of our students will have the opportunity to participate in powerful worship sessions with the rest of their revive family. During each session they will not only be refreshed in warship, but will also be inspired and motivated by biblical messages that are meant to lead them into an encounter with God in a brand new way. We believe that simply knowing about God isn’t enough, so our goal is to provide an environment where they can have the opportunity to know God‘s love and grace through EXPERIENCE , rather than just hearing about it. At the end of each session, all of our students will also have the opportunity to be prayed over by the members of our Revival Leadership Team.


Our Crews during The WKND are designed to connect and engage students in life and giving relationships and lead them to dig deeper into the truth’s shared during main sessions. Crews provide the opportunity for the bigger main sessions to become small and more personal. Through Crews, students will be motivated, encouraged, and trained to live the best life possible. Crews are divided by grade and gender, and are facilitated by two Crew Leaders who serve as leaders on the road by the Leadership Team.

Team Competition

The WKND consist of two and a half days filled with high energy and exciting team competition. This gives our students to opportunity to learn that life is not meant to be lived alone, but rather in a community of people. It teaches them all about the power of relationships, community, and teamwork. There is no better way to grow close to a group of people then by gathering together for a common goal, destroying the other teams and coming out victorious.


Look, we get it, one of the most important and vital components of  The WKND is the food we eat! Yes, we are going to provide each student with some spiritual nourishment from the word of God, but we are also going to eat like it’s the last supper! We have our own team of cooks who are ready to go all out in the kitchen for your students. Through meals like Chicken n’ Waffles and our famous Pasta Bar, your students will be sure to be well fed and energized to experience all that is available to them at camp!

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